Zimbabwe Censorship Act Bans Sharing Of Pornography.

The Zimbabwe government headed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa has continued to deprive its citizens of freedom on the internet. 

A new Board of Censors has been commissioned to tackle dissemination of information in the digital age. 

By enforcing the 1967 bill titled the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act, the government is attempting to prevent negativity about the government being spread through social media and the internet. 

Headed by Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo, the appointment of the board was in terms of the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act Chapter 10: 4.

The bill states it is :

AN ACT to regulate and control the public exhibition of films, the importation, production, dissemination and possession of undesirable or prohibited video and film material, publications, pictures, statues and records and the giving of public entertainments; to regulate theatres and like places of public entertainment in the interests of safety.

This bill essentially exist to extend government control and one of the things that have been made illegal through this bill is the sharing of pornography. 

The bill outlaws:

Importation, production and dissemination of undesirable publications, pictures, statues and records. Power of Board to examine publications, pictures, statues and records and to declare them undesirable or to declare publication or record prohibited.

Such control over what can be disseminated is a personal affront of the rights of all Zimbabwe who will be affected by this bill. 

Yes pornography has made the headlines as being one of the things that will be outlawed, however, what this bill represents is a government seeking to control what the population does on the internet.  

We have uploaded a PDF version of the act that you can review and please share this to show people the rights being stripped away from Zimbabweans.

Under the act, anyone who is caught violating this can be fined or imprisoned for up to one year.

Read the bill here:

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