Internet Penetration In Zimbabwe (2020)

More and more Zimbabweans are getting online. 


By Anesu Mutsau (Web Designer and Digital Marketer at Mukai Digital)

Deciding to build a website requires time, skill and money. So for most Zimbabweans creating a website is not worth the effort and cost.

However, this will not last forever, what if I told you more and more Zimbabweans are getting online and if you are the last to the function it will cost you more in the future. 

What is internet penetration? 

The Internet Penetration Rate corresponds to the percentage of the total population of a given country or region that uses the Internet.

Is Zimbabwe’s Internet Penetration Growing?

Well, according to data from Internet World Stats, Zimbabwe’s internet population has grown by 11,567% between 2000-2020.

While Africa accounts for 15.0% of the world’s population, only 6.2% of the World’s Internet subscribers are Africans.

Compared to the Zimbabwean population of 14 million, 8.4 million Zimbabweans are online. This is equivalent to 56.5% of the population. 

These figures are very positive as internet penetration above 50% of the population means the technology infrastructure of a country is improving.  

If you are a businesses wondering whether or not you should get online, these figures should show you that this is the perfect time to get online in Zimbabwe. 

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