How To Grow Website Traffic In Zimbabwe? (2020)

So you are looking to grow your website traffic in Zimbabwe. However, the question you should be asking is not how to grow your website in Zimbabwe rather, why you need to need to increase your traffic.

Do You Need To Grow Your Traffic?

Website traffic is not the same for everyone, there are websites that get less than 1000 visitors a month, however, the leads they generate from this small traffic will make your eyes water. How do I know this?

I have worked with these businesses and in this list I can add consultancy, businesses in niche markets or industry leaders.

So back to your question, the first step to grow your website in Zimbabwe is to decide whether or not you need to increase traffic or increase conversions.

Conversion or Traffic

Increasing traffic doesn’t necessarily mean you will make more money, if you are a blogger yes increasing traffic to your blog means more ads are shown and more money in the bank for you.

But let’s say you are a lawyer, you want to increase your leads. I come along and optimise your site and suddenly you are getting 1000s of hit a month. This sounds great right?

Yes, if all these hits were coming from people looking for a lawyer this would be heaven. But what if all this traffic is not at all related to what your website or business is about?

This is the first mistake many people make when deciding to optimise their websites. The first instinct is to increase traffic when in reality optimising for conversion maybe the better choice.

On Page Optimisation

This is SEO work to your website content, for example, using A/B testing you can trial showing two versions of your home page with one variation. Let’s say, you make one of the CTA sections bright red one version and green on another. If you see the page with a green CTA gets clicked more. You will change this feature on your site. This is on-page optimisation.

Focused Keywords

One mistake many people and businesses in Zimbabwe make is to get a website made and then pay no attention to it. Your website is like a baby, you have nurture it and give it attention. Every domain has a rating, most likely if you are reading this, your website’s domain is not in the high hundreds.

Your domain rating is influenced by the keywords you target. If your site has no focus your domain will never become an authority for any keywords. Let’s consider the lawyer analogy again, if your website is about law you should target law based keywords.

Improve you SEO knowledge

If some of the things you read above are new, you need to learn more about SEO. Optimising for search engine is a very tricky thing to do. Anyone can do it but not a lot of people can do it well. A good place to start would be places like Search Engine Land or SEO Journal.

Or if you are too busy running your business, let us help you grow your website in Zimbabwe with our Zimbabwe SEO service!

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