How Much Do Website Cost in Zimbabwe? (2020)

Are you looking to get online in Zimbabwe?

This is an in-depth guide for business owners and individuals looking to get their first website made.

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Free Web Design Zimbabwe

If you are looking to create website for free you have two options:

Option A: Find someone learning how to make website and needs more projects to increase their portfolio

Option B: Create a website yourself, there are many website builders such as Wix, Weebly, Wordpres. We will leave their links at the end of this article.

Both of these option will get you a free website but what is free is usually not what is the best. It is no longer beneficial to a business to have a badly coded website on the internet. We are now in a digital world, your website is your store front on the internet so you should really be investing to make is good as possible.

Cheap Web Design Zimbabwe

This is a step up from free websites, personally I do not like word cheap, if someone is doing something for your for cheap that lets you know the level of effort and care that will be taken.

Many website in Zimbabwe are made for cheap and you can tell, ironically cheap comes with a price. Some businesses offering cheap website usually charge around $50 USD.

Whislt this sounds like a great deal, if you ar enot familiar with the work that goes into designing websites. For a design to use the right tools and get you the best hosting 50USD is a stretch. For this price you can expect a very cheaply made website that will have unrealiable hosting.

If you are looking at your business or you individual venture as long term investment of your time and money, my best advice is too steer clear of people offering ridiculously low prices for websites. Or at the very least look at other sites they have done.

If you are looking for affordable web design you can enquire for our “Start-it” package here.

Pay Monthly Web Design Zimbabwe

This is a new trend to help those who cannot afford the sometime expensive up-front costs for a website. Some designers offer this service and it help you ge tonline cheaper and quicker,

However, very few people make sure to read the small print from the designers and companies. Before you sign on for pay monthly website there are a few there are a few question you need to ask.

  • Will you own the site?
  • How many months do you need to pay before you own the site?
  • What changes can you do on the site?
  • Will you get a bespoke site?

We offer pay monthly service starting at 25USD this includes a bespoke website that you will own after 8 months. Enquire here!

Bespoke Web Design Zimbabwe

A bespoke website is one that does not use a theme and is coded to be unique to your business. Bespoke website are very expensive and many people usually end up going for cheaper designs.

The biggest cost of bespoke site is the time and expertise, very few developer can code you a bespoke website however there are a lot of people who can make you a basic website using themes.

The cost of bespoke websites can cost from 150 USD to the 100,000s, it depends on how bespoke you want your site. If you are offering a unique service you want your website to represent this. Also , a bespoke site is more memorable so you people will return to your site or even share it with other people.

App Development Zimbabwe

Similar to bespoke web design, the biggest cost of geting an app created is paying someone for their time and expertise. App development is a step above web designing and require knowldge of programming language .

In this article we have recommended not settling for cheap work but when it come to app development this is very important. A poorly coded application which is done for cheap will cost you a lot more to fix down the road. And this is if you can find someone to fix it, most developers will turn away work that is too much hustle.

The cost of app development various, it depends on what functionalites you need. Some people often get ripped off paying for apps that are essentially web sites.

So before looking for a developer, do some research and confirm the functionalities you need before reaching out. Expect to pay in the 1000USD and up.

We do some web application development, if you are looking for a workflow solution for your business this is something we can accommodate.


If you are looking to get online in Zimbabwe then research will serve you best. Before approaching web designers and developers, Do you research and come up with your budget and let the designers know your budget so they can give you the best options.

As tempting as it may be to go cheap, remember cheap work will be expensive in the future. If you start your online journey with a good platform you idea or venture is sure to be a success!

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