Zimbabwe Is A Top 20 Ease Of Business Reformer.

A Doing Business  study shows that developing economies are catching
up with developed economies in ease of doing business.

Doingbussiness.Org has named Zimbabwe among the top 20 improvers for doing business. 

Zimbabwe has improved in a number of areas which Doing Business highlighted:

  • Starting a business – (1)”by improving online name search and (2) reducing the Harare Municipality business licensing fee”
  • faster approval of construction permits – “(3) more frequent sessions by the municipal building commission in Harare.”
  • Deeds registry implemented an internal tracking system – (4)”allowing applicants to track their applications throughout the property transfer process”
  • Introducing a new reorganization procedureallowing creditors to vote on the reorganization plan

In 2020 out of all the 190 businesses Zimbabwe ranks 140. 

Some factors that are important for startups, Zimbabwe does not perform well in;

  • Starting a business – ranked 176 with a score of 66.48/100
  • Getting electricity – ranked 166 with a score of 44.81

Where we shine is in the ability to get credit (ranked 85) and protecting minority investors (ranked 95).



Internet Penetration In Zimbabwe (2020).

Internet Penetration In Zimbabwe (2020)

More and more Zimbabweans are getting online. 


By Anesu Mutsau (Web Designer and Digital Marketer at Mukai Digital)

Deciding to build a website requires time, skill and money. So for most Zimbabweans creating a website is not worth the effort and cost.

However, this will not last forever, what if I told you more and more Zimbabweans are getting online and if you are the last to the function it will cost you more in the future. 

What is internet penetration? 

The Internet Penetration Rate corresponds to the percentage of the total population of a given country or region that uses the Internet.

Is Zimbabwe’s Internet Penetration Growing?

Well, according to data from Internet World Stats, Zimbabwe’s internet population has grown by 11,567% between 2000-2020.

While Africa accounts for 15.0% of the world’s population, only 6.2% of the World’s Internet subscribers are Africans.

Compared to the Zimbabwean population of 14 million, 8.4 million Zimbabweans are online. This is equivalent to 56.5% of the population. 

These figures are very positive as internet penetration above 50% of the population means the technology infrastructure of a country is improving.  

If you are a businesses wondering whether or not you should get online, these figures should show you that this is the perfect time to get online in Zimbabwe. 

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How To Grow Website Traffic In Zimbabwe? (2020)

So you are looking to grow your website traffic in Zimbabwe. However, the question you should be asking is not how to grow your website in Zimbabwe rather, why you need to need to increase your traffic.

Do You Need To Grow Your Traffic?

Website traffic is not the same for everyone, there are websites that get less than 1000 visitors a month, however, the leads they generate from this small traffic will make your eyes water. How do I know this?

I have worked with these businesses and in this list I can add consultancy, businesses in niche markets or industry leaders.

So back to your question, the first step to grow your website in Zimbabwe is to decide whether or not you need to increase traffic or increase conversions.

Conversion or Traffic

Increasing traffic doesn’t necessarily mean you will make more money, if you are a blogger yes increasing traffic to your blog means more ads are shown and more money in the bank for you.

But let’s say you are a lawyer, you want to increase your leads. I come along and optimise your site and suddenly you are getting 1000s of hit a month. This sounds great right?

Yes, if all these hits were coming from people looking for a lawyer this would be heaven. But what if all this traffic is not at all related to what your website or business is about?

This is the first mistake many people make when deciding to optimise their websites. The first instinct is to increase traffic when in reality optimising for conversion maybe the better choice.

On Page Optimisation

This is SEO work to your website content, for example, using A/B testing you can trial showing two versions of your home page with one variation. Let’s say, you make one of the CTA sections bright red one version and green on another. If you see the page with a green CTA gets clicked more. You will change this feature on your site. This is on-page optimisation.

Focused Keywords

One mistake many people and businesses in Zimbabwe make is to get a website made and then pay no attention to it. Your website is like a baby, you have nurture it and give it attention. Every domain has a rating, most likely if you are reading this, your website’s domain is not in the high hundreds.

Your domain rating is influenced by the keywords you target. If your site has no focus your domain will never become an authority for any keywords. Let’s consider the lawyer analogy again, if your website is about law you should target law based keywords.

Improve you SEO knowledge

If some of the things you read above are new, you need to learn more about SEO. Optimising for search engine is a very tricky thing to do. Anyone can do it but not a lot of people can do it well. A good place to start would be places like Search Engine Land or SEO Journal.

Or if you are too busy running your business, let us help you grow your website in Zimbabwe with our Zimbabwe SEO service!


Zimbabwe Censorship Act Bans Sharing Of Pornography.

The Zimbabwe government headed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa has continued to deprive its citizens of freedom on the internet. 

A new Board of Censors has been commissioned to tackle dissemination of information in the digital age. 

By enforcing the 1967 bill titled the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act, the government is attempting to prevent negativity about the government being spread through social media and the internet. 

Headed by Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo, the appointment of the board was in terms of the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act Chapter 10: 4.

The bill states it is :

AN ACT to regulate and control the public exhibition of films, the importation, production, dissemination and possession of undesirable or prohibited video and film material, publications, pictures, statues and records and the giving of public entertainments; to regulate theatres and like places of public entertainment in the interests of safety.

This bill essentially exist to extend government control and one of the things that have been made illegal through this bill is the sharing of pornography. 

The bill outlaws:

Importation, production and dissemination of undesirable publications, pictures, statues and records. Power of Board to examine publications, pictures, statues and records and to declare them undesirable or to declare publication or record prohibited.

Such control over what can be disseminated is a personal affront of the rights of all Zimbabwe who will be affected by this bill. 

Yes pornography has made the headlines as being one of the things that will be outlawed, however, what this bill represents is a government seeking to control what the population does on the internet.  

We have uploaded a PDF version of the act that you can review and please share this to show people the rights being stripped away from Zimbabweans.

Under the act, anyone who is caught violating this can be fined or imprisoned for up to one year.

Read the bill here:


How Much Do Website Cost in Zimbabwe? (2020)

Are you looking to get online in Zimbabwe?

This is an in-depth guide for business owners and individuals looking to get their first website made.

Lets get started

Free Web Design Zimbabwe

If you are looking to create website for free you have two options:

Option A: Find someone learning how to make website and needs more projects to increase their portfolio

Option B: Create a website yourself, there are many website builders such as Wix, Weebly, Wordpres. We will leave their links at the end of this article.

Both of these option will get you a free website but what is free is usually not what is the best. It is no longer beneficial to a business to have a badly coded website on the internet. We are now in a digital world, your website is your store front on the internet so you should really be investing to make is good as possible.

Cheap Web Design Zimbabwe

This is a step up from free websites, personally I do not like word cheap, if someone is doing something for your for cheap that lets you know the level of effort and care that will be taken.

Many website in Zimbabwe are made for cheap and you can tell, ironically cheap comes with a price. Some businesses offering cheap website usually charge around $50 USD.

Whislt this sounds like a great deal, if you ar enot familiar with the work that goes into designing websites. For a design to use the right tools and get you the best hosting 50USD is a stretch. For this price you can expect a very cheaply made website that will have unrealiable hosting.

If you are looking at your business or you individual venture as long term investment of your time and money, my best advice is too steer clear of people offering ridiculously low prices for websites. Or at the very least look at other sites they have done.

If you are looking for affordable web design you can enquire for our “Start-it” package here.

Pay Monthly Web Design Zimbabwe

This is a new trend to help those who cannot afford the sometime expensive up-front costs for a website. Some designers offer this service and it help you ge tonline cheaper and quicker,

However, very few people make sure to read the small print from the designers and companies. Before you sign on for pay monthly website there are a few there are a few question you need to ask.

  • Will you own the site?
  • How many months do you need to pay before you own the site?
  • What changes can you do on the site?
  • Will you get a bespoke site?

We offer pay monthly service starting at 25USD this includes a bespoke website that you will own after 8 months. Enquire here!

Bespoke Web Design Zimbabwe

A bespoke website is one that does not use a theme and is coded to be unique to your business. Bespoke website are very expensive and many people usually end up going for cheaper designs.

The biggest cost of bespoke site is the time and expertise, very few developer can code you a bespoke website however there are a lot of people who can make you a basic website using themes.

The cost of bespoke websites can cost from 150 USD to the 100,000s, it depends on how bespoke you want your site. If you are offering a unique service you want your website to represent this. Also , a bespoke site is more memorable so you people will return to your site or even share it with other people.

App Development Zimbabwe

Similar to bespoke web design, the biggest cost of geting an app created is paying someone for their time and expertise. App development is a step above web designing and require knowldge of programming language .

In this article we have recommended not settling for cheap work but when it come to app development this is very important. A poorly coded application which is done for cheap will cost you a lot more to fix down the road. And this is if you can find someone to fix it, most developers will turn away work that is too much hustle.

The cost of app development various, it depends on what functionalites you need. Some people often get ripped off paying for apps that are essentially web sites.

So before looking for a developer, do some research and confirm the functionalities you need before reaching out. Expect to pay in the 1000USD and up.

We do some web application development, if you are looking for a workflow solution for your business this is something we can accommodate.


If you are looking to get online in Zimbabwe then research will serve you best. Before approaching web designers and developers, Do you research and come up with your budget and let the designers know your budget so they can give you the best options.

As tempting as it may be to go cheap, remember cheap work will be expensive in the future. If you start your online journey with a good platform you idea or venture is sure to be a success!

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Why Your Website Needs A SSL To Grow In Zimbabwe?

If you visit many website in ZImbabwe, you will usually notice that the little padlock in your browser will turn red and notify you that you connection to that site is not secure. 

What does this mean? You should probably not enter any data you wouldn’t want in the hands of hackers on that particular site. 

If you click on the little padlock on this site, you will notice when you click it, a notice will pop -up telling you any information you enter on our site is secure. 

Many people now understand how valuable their data is online, so if you currently have a website that is not secured by an SSL certificate. You may be losing leads or sales on your website as people are scared to enter the information.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology that is commonly used to secure server to browser transactions. This generally includes the securing of any information passed by a browser (such as a customer’s credit card number or password) to a webserver (such as an online store or online banking application).

At the very least an SSL or TLS certificate is one of the basic security features any website should have. Not only does it give your customers trust. If you want your website to rank hire on Google it is imperative your website is secure or Google will relegate your website.

Can I Get One In Zimbabwe?

There is a misconception that businesses in Zimbabwe cannot secure their sites.

Zimbabwean individuals and business entities are now banned by the Certification Authority Browser Forum from receiving Extended Validation SSL, Organization Validation (OV), and Domain Validation (DV) certificates . 

Whilst this is true, this only affects top-level country domains such as

However, if you have a .com or any other domain you may be able to secure your site. 

How Much Vakomana?

SSL can be free in fact Let’s Encrypt one of the leading SSL certificate issuers can secure your site for free. Where you may run into cost is if you are not tech savvy to set up an SSL for yourself. 

If you take a hosting  with us. all our our packages come with an SSL certificate, which we automatically renew for you. 

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How To Have The Best Website In Zimbabwe? Design | SEO

In the past two weeks, I have analysed over 52 Zimbabwean websites, this first started when I asked a few owners in a popular Facebook group to post their websites for me to critique.

I ended up receiving over 52 replies with people asking me to look at their websites, reviewing every single website I noticed a number of errors the websites had in common. Other industries make some of these mistakes in their SEO strategy but the ones I will list below are more prevalent when it comes to Zimbabwean business.

Template Websites

A lot of business owners opt not to get bespoke sites created and use companies that offer them template websites. The issue here is many do not know that they have template website. These template website make it difficult for owners who are not SEO specialists to optimise their site. Speed optimisation and A/B testing is difficult due to the rigid nature of template sites. But the worst thing is that your business which has it’s own unique identity has a website that looks like others.

Hosting lead gen tools on different URL’S.

A lot of website have valuation tools. mortgage calculators, and other lead generation tools that are usually hosted off their site and url, sometimes taking users to pages with no SSL certificates. Having too many of these tools that take users away from your website can actually prop up the domain authority of the url’s these tools are hosted on. Also, because these tools are not hosted on your site, this makes tracking data difficult as once users leave your site you can’t track their interactions to optimise the page for conversions. This is a issue with a lot of Zimbabwean estate agents.

Broad Keywords

Most sites I looked did not have a SEO strategy to target people searching in the area where the agency is based. For example an estate agent in Harare did not having Harare in their title tags and meta descriptions (These are the results you see on Google.) Broad keywords put you in competition with national competitors and it is harder to rank especially for site with very low domain authority. Of all the sites I reviewed, not one had a domain authority over 50 ( Domain authority of a website describes its relevance for a specific subject area or industry it is score 1-100.) Using broad keyword also lead to unqualified leads, you don’t want people on your site who are based in Bulawayo but your business only operates in  Harare.

Missing Sitemaps

When I first started reviewing some of the 52 websites, I noticed a few did not have a sitemap, as I reviewed more this was an issue on over 50% of the sites I looked at. And most of the time it was the site that were hosted by companies who create template sites. Sitemaps are essentially a road map for the Google crawler bots that decipher what your site is about for ranking purposes. Missing sitemaps coupled with broad keywords for most sites was usually reflected in the low monthly traffic of the sites. If Google can’t decipher what your site is about, you will suffer in search rankings.

Slow Loading Speeds

A lot of sites I reviewed were not optimised for speed, this was the result of many mistakes, again the template website were the biggest culprits. Too many tools cause a lot of a website to load slowly because there are too many requests. The host you choose also plays a role, cheaper isn’t always better. 

Missing SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate on your site is one of the fundamentals for good SEO practices, without one Google will not rank your site high on search. Or even worse, if you do somehow manage to rank high and receive visitors they will be greeted with a notification informing them that you site is not safe for them to enter their personal information. If you site exist to get leads this is a sure fire way to have an empty leads inbox.

These are just some of the most reoccurring errors I found on many sites I reviewed. There were many other errors I uncovered such as websites with all pages missing meta titles and descriptions, 404 erros, missing robot.txt files and many others. I recommend any business looking for a new website opts for a bespoke crafted site that is built with SEO in mind. Cheaper template site will cost more in the long-term as they impact SEO which needs to be fixed.

If you would like to know the current state of your website compared to others in Zimbabwe please provide your details below and we will send you a FREE Website SEO Report.



Yell, Wix & Squarespace Sites Are Hurting Your Bottom Line.

If you are currently using Yell, Wix, Squarespace or any other drag and drop website builder you maybe hurting your bottom line.

These website builders offer less technically-gifted business owners to create a website in a matter of minutes. However, whilst you can create a site for your business in an afternoon, there is a price to pay.

You may not own your site

A lot of pay monthly website builders hold your site hostage, although, sometimes I think the word website is thrown around freely. These website builders essentially rent you templates that you can make minor cosmetic adjustments to. This isn’t necessarily building a site rather making updates to a site that already exists.

With some providers you can not move your website away if you decide you would like to revamp your site or to add new features. In the long term, when you do have to move your site, it will cost to get another site created.

Limited functionalities

Website builders offer the very basic features a website needs: a homepage, about us, services and contact. Although, there is nothing wrong with this, depending on your industry you may need other functionalities. For example, a mortgage advise may need a mortgage calculator or estate agents may want a portal for their tenants.

On a bespoke site these features can be gradually added, so what your site can accomplish is limitless.

Your website already exists

As stated before, when you use website builders you are effectively just editing a template, so you are limited in features and design. Below is an example of two businesses that used a website builders and have the same website but different color schemes.

Your website should be an extension of your brand, you wouldn’t decorate your office the same as your competitor, so why would you have the same website as them?

SEO Will Suffer

Website builder sites are notoriously bad to optimise for SEO because of how rigid they are. Most of these platform will also offer SEO services, however you should be cautious.

A source working inside Yell told me that the company do not actually employ any SEO experts. All of their digital marketing is outsourced to agencies who then outsource the work again to low-cost operators in South East Asia. Several Yell clients told me they are routed to the Philippines when contacting Yell with questions about their SEO service.

Richman SEO said this about Yell’s SEO service:

Because of the rise in social media many business owners no longer see SEO as an important factor, however, just because you can advertise your site on Facebook does not mean you should disregard trying to appear high on organic search on Google.

The internet is now too competitive

Everyday 1000s of sites go live and all are vying for attention, therefore your site has to be good. So many times we run audits on website builder sites and often they have been badly optimised.

The learning curve for these platform is very easy, it can fool you into complacency.. Once you see you site is live and working you pat yourself on the shoulder and call it a day.

However, you should understand how and why your website functions, the way it does. When you edit templates you do not get this knowledge.

In conclusion, website builders can be useful to students, artists and anyone who just needs a placeholder site on the internet.

But if you are serious about creating a great website that can drive traffic and get you leads, you need to go bespoke.

Currently we are offering our services completed FREE of charge and all work will be invoiced in July.

Get a free audit of your site below or get in contact to see how we can help you.